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Re: [PATCH] pcictl: simplify its usage

>> There is nothing that compels busses to be numbered starting 0, and,
>> if pci0 is explicitly configured but not found, it won't exist.
> No, you're right.  But that would be a very strange kernel config
> file;

Not so strange as all that.  If you want to nail down something - disk,
network, etc - you have to nail down everything on the path from
mainbus0 to it, which likely includes PCI busses.  Then if you boot
that kernel on a machine which doesn't have one of those, it will be

> PCI busses are numbered starting from 0, increasing each time
> autoconf finds a new bus.  Of course you could iterate over the
> /dev/pci* until you find one that works.

Given a way to tell when to stop, sure.

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