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Re: [PATCH] pcictl: simplify its usage

On Thu, 4 Jun 2009, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

With my patch I get this with a simple

    PCIDEVS=`pcictl list`

But it breaks backward compat, this could easily be fixed by using a
command line flag for the new behavior.

I'm "just a user", but I don't see why you would have to break compatibility at all. Is there some ambiguity I can't see that would rear its head if the syntax was just expanded to include both "new" and "old" styles?

(As far as I can see, the pcibus argument has to come before any command or options, so you could just fall through to newstyle if it's not found.)


pcictl pci0 list  -> old: list all on pci0

pcictl [BLANK] list  -> new: list all on all

pcictl [BLANK] list -b 1  -> new: list all on pci1


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