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Re: vi vs. nvi


>  Could this be useful?

there's some problems:

 Onigruma doesn't uses POSIX locale(LC_CTYPE/LC_COLLATE)'s function,
it uses its own multibyte functions implementation, onigenc_*.

 we already have similar multibyte functions under
this redundancy causes growth of libc size (everybody hate ;<)
so that we have to hook onigenc_* function by defining our own
OnigEncodingType which wraps POSIX locale or Citrus API.

 but Onigruma currenlty doesn't supports stateful encoding.
we already have stateful encoding locale, ISO-2022-JP, COMPOUND_TEXT etc.
so we need to hack to support. how hard and long way to go...

very truly yours.
Takehiko NOZAKI<>

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