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Re: SoC status: Improve syslogd

the Google Summer of code is coming to an end and I post my last short status update before the final report.

The major milestones since my midterm status report were:
* a version of syslog(3) to send syslog-protocol messages, and
* the first working implementation of syslog-sign (for details see

My last open tasks for this week are:

* Add a new API vsyslogng_r() to libc.
My first approach was to add a heuristic to syslog(3) and use the same function for all logging. Because there were concerns about misinterpreting messages I will move the code into a new syslogng() function with additional parameters for Message ID and Structured Data.

* Write a detailed documentation.
I try to find the right style to compile a complete but concise documentation so I can fit all required information for TLS and signature usage into the man pages.

* Add syslog-protocol format to newsyslog.
newsyslog should detect if a rotated logfile is in syslog-protocol format so it can write its "logfile rotated" message in the right format. (Are there other programs that access the logfiles and expect a certain format?)


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