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Re: vi vs. nvi

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 04:43:41PM +0200, Aymeric Vincent wrote:
> Christos gave the reasons why nvi is bigger: the wchar_t-enabled regex
> library and the compilation flags.

He did mention the compilation flags.  But that's going to be changed,

As to "the wchar_t-enabled regex library":  I object to paying once for
the whole system (in libc) a lot less than once per executable.  In other
words, "Christos gave the reasons why..." says precisely nothing about
whether they are actually _sufficient_ reasons; it says only that they
_are_ reasons.

I'm not against growing the system, if it provides adequate benefit.  I
am still skeptical about whether there is adequate benefit for the
considerable amount of growth in this case.

Thor Lancelot Simon                               
 "My guess is that the minimal training typically provided would only
 have given the party in question multiple new and elaborate ways to do
 something incomprehensibly stupid and dangerous."      -Rich Goldstone

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