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Re: vi vs. nvi

Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
> As to "the wchar_t-enabled regex library":  I object to paying once for
> the whole system (in libc) a lot less than once per executable.  In
> other words, "Christos gave the reasons why..." says precisely nothing
> about whether they are actually _sufficient_ reasons; it says only that
> they _are_ reasons.

What would you do?  Current libc regex doesn't support wchar_t, and afaik
there's no standard for one that does.  So, nvi includes its own
functionality.  You either live without that functionality, or you pay for
it in code size.  

As a speaker of a symbol-impaired language, *I* don't need it, but based
on my experience with regular expressions, I can imagine that they'd be
useful to the rest of the world, too.  


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