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new scp too verbose

I've just upgraded the userland on one machine here, and noticed that
the new HPN-patched scp adds some ugly and (IMNSHO) utterly useless
extra goop after it finishes copying:

        euclid 4> scp -p /netbsd opteron:/tmp/
        netbsd                      100% 6082KB   5.9MB/s   2.9MB/s   00:01    
        Max throughput:   3.1MB/s

        euclid 5>

Not only do we get a new useful "Max throughput" summary (?!) but also a
nice shiny new blank line too.  Any objections if I revert the following
part of the HPN patch from crypto/dist/ssh/progressmeter.c to get us back
to the old clean display?


@@ -267,6 +283,7 @@ start_progress_meter(char *f, off_t file
+       char lbuf[10];
        if (!can_output())
@@ -276,6 +293,8 @@ stop_progress_meter(void)
        if (cur_pos != end_pos)
+       format_rate(lbuf, sizeof(lbuf), max_delta_pos);
+       printf("\nMax throughput: %s/s\n", lbuf);
        atomicio(vwrite, STDOUT_FILENO, "\n", 1);

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