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Re: new scp too verbose

On Fri, Aug 01, 2008 at 05:16:01PM +1000, Simon Burge wrote:
> I've just upgraded the userland on one machine here, and noticed that
> the new HPN-patched scp adds some ugly and (IMNSHO) utterly useless
> extra goop after it finishes copying:
>       Max throughput:   3.1MB/s

Hmmm... the 'max throughput' for an upload is likely to be that while
filling all the local tx buffer space - so is a pointless number.

Even the 'instantaneous' rate is of little use on slow links since
(IIRC) it tends to measure the time per 8k write - and they happen
less often than the screen update.
(The overall average rate suffers from the same thing!)

Sounds like there are too many students with nothing better to do :-)


David Laight:

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