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Re: Importing OpenLDAP into base

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 10:37 PM, Howard Chu <> wrote:
> Matt Sporleder pointed me at this thread...

So the nss-ldap would require slapd to be running?

> Writing your own LDAP server - seems like wasted effort. The Samba guys have
> gone down that road as well; that was a couple man-years better spent
> elsewhere.

I agree.

> re: portability issues - file reports with stack traces from the crashes on
> our bug tracker. If we don't know about any bugs, we can't fix them. As an
> aside, I know that it runs perfectly well on Solaris Sparc64 and x86-64, so
> I'm sure we can nail whatever problems you've run into.

I've personally used OpenLDAP on various sparc and x86 (solaris,
linux, and netbsd) without issue.  I must have missed that as a

> re: BerkeleyDB version - OpenLDAP supports BDB 4.2 and 4.4-4.6. 4.2 has been
> around for ages. (4.3 was buggy and prone to crashes, so we explicitly
> excluded it in our configure script.) What are you talking about, re:
> needing a modern version?

NetBSD includes bdb that's still BSD licensed (1.x?)

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