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Re: Going LDAP #2

Quentin Garnier wrote:
>On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 04:02:09PM +0200, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>> I've just browsed the recent LDAP discussions.  I don't know NetBSD, but
>> anyway: One possibility I haven't seen mentioned here is to provide LDAP
>> as an access protocol to your current db files.  (...)
> I'm pretty sure that's what Anders proposed, though.  It depends what
> you mean by "db" files, though.  I think Anders proposed to get rid of
> the actual DB files, using the plain text ones as the backend for the
> LDAP server.

All I know is somebody mentioned "the *BSD practice of stuffing
everything into *.db files":-) I thought Anders meant to populate the
LDAP server from current data files.  I meant to keep current data files
(could be text files too for that matter) and provide LDAP as an
additional access protocol to them.  Not to files that contain
local-only data mixed in with data to be shared with other hosts though.

> The assumption is that in the situations where you do not wish to run
> a LDAP server, the plain text files are good enough already,
> performance-wise.

And .db files are hopefully better performance-wise... LDAP's strengths
are that it is widely supported and a quite general protocol.  It's not
the tecnically best or fastest way to do anything in particular, except
it's better and faster to maintain one protocol implementation than a
score of them.


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