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Re: Importing OpenLDAP into base

matthew sporleder wrote:
On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 10:37 PM, Howard Chu <> wrote:
>> re: BerkeleyDB version (...) What are you talking about, re: needing
>> a modern version?
> NetBSD includes bdb that's still BSD licensed (1.x?)

Latest versions (from Oracle which now owns it) have a BSD-derived
license with a GPL-like "you must offer to provide the source" clause:

BTW, since people have talked about size: Depending on how you build you
can shave a bit more from OpenLDAP than I've seen quoted here.  Still
quite a chunk though - I get 2.9M on RedHat i686.  Only the bdb backend.
Remove overlays, static libs, some mostly-superfluous clients, manpages
for removed stuff.  CFLAGS=-Os.  (Most of it can be restored as dynamic
modules from non-base packages.)


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