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Re: RFC: Going the LDAP/Kerberos way with NetBSD.

On Fri, May 02, 2008 at 12:33:46PM +0200, Anders Magnusson wrote:
> Manuel Bouyer skrev:
> >
> >It's still less reliable than local files. Your replicated server may die.
> >  
> True.  Even though I would probably fix the problem then, it's up to the 
> user to choose what he wants to use.

On an embedded system, there is no "you" (meaning the system administrator)
to fix that kind of problem.  That is one reason why adding any new
complexity in this area is so distressing to me, if at system build time
that complexity cannot be disabled.

On the other hand, as I said before, I'd greatly prefer LDAP to YP for
the NetBSD machines I run for other purposes, and I guess if it replaced
the db files I would not mind too much.

  Thor Lancelot Simon                               

  "The inconsistency is startling, though admittedly, if consistency is to
   be abandoned or transcended, there is no problem."         - Noam Chomsky

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