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Re: Importing OpenLDAP into base

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 09:24:18AM -0400, matthew sporleder wrote:
  | I think this is a really good idea!  What parts of openldap are you
  | planning on building?
  | I would propose that netbsd only provide the clients and libraries.
  | Supporting the server is daunting since openldap releases -often- and
  | needs a modern (from oracle) version of bdb to work as a real server.
  | (back-ldif didn't work as a real databsae when I tried it a few months
  | ago and back-passwd is claimed as demonstration-only -- see
  | slapd.backends(5) )

At a minimum, the libraries & appropriate client tools so that
we use NetBSD as a client in an existing LDAP infrastructure.

If supporting the server "in base" would turn out to be a
maintenance nightmare then we can leave that stuff in pkgsrc
for those that need it.

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