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Re: obsoleting shlibs - what's the plan

  >  >I don't understand.  Which kind of problem arises?

  >  When you use the new kerberos, then it is possible that the
  >  old libraries won't interoperate because of missing features.

  >Is this any worse than using some other older computer that hasn't been
  >upgraded?  Breaking everyone's compiled binaries seems unreasonable,

  The old libraries will only be linked by programs that do not use them.
  I fail to see how that is useful.

What is useful is that programs that were compiled under older versions
of the system on the same machine will continue to work, instead of the
user being hosed and having to have a flag day rebuild of all sorts of
programst that they might not even know depend on krb5.  For example, I
could no longer print.  Fortunately I was able to figure it out nearly
instantly because I understand this stuff.

Why is it so important to nuke the old libraries, breaking programs
compiled against them?

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