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Re: obsoleting shlibs - what's the plan

  >I don't understand.  Which kind of problem arises?

  When you use the new kerberos, then it is possible that the
  old libraries won't interoperate because of missing features.

Is this any worse than using some other older computer that hasn't been
upgraded?  Breaking everyone's compiled binaries seems unreasonable, and
I don't think this is adequate justification to deviate from the normal
policy of leaving old major shlibs around.

uwe@ has said that the libraries shouldn't have been marked obsolete.
Anyone else?

I've recovered them on my system from netbsd-4 system, and if they
weren't there would have had to pull them from backup.  So now lpr runs
again (CUPS lpr).

  >If we do anything other than un-obsolete the older krb libs, we need an
  >entry in UPDATING.


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