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Re: Slow test execution for usr.bin/make said:
  | Right, but the external tr process will not be run for each of them,
  | so there will be a serious speedup (and we have other test programs
  | with quite high number of test cases).

I am currently testing a (fairly simple) mod to tests/usr.bin/make/
which will remove that command substitution running tr with shell code.

Normally, replacing tr with shell scripting would be a poor choice, but
here the speedup is likely to be considerable - the actual translation of
'-' into '_' will certainly be slower than tr could do it, but we avoid
the cost of 2 forks (one for the cmdsub which is a full fork,  and one for
tr which at least would just be a vfork) and an exec of tr for every test

The code is written and tested, I am just doing a build of HEAD (actually
what was HEAD a while ago now, but that shouldn't matter) to verify that
the make ATF tests still work properly with this change.

Adding extra mechanism to construct at build time (lumping
in all of the tests then - and making sure that the dependency list for
doing that is correct and remains so) might not be required.


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