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Slow test execution for usr.bin/make


When I looked at the test results, I noticed that each test case for
usr.bin/make takes about one second.

I think that's too much.  On my local machine, running "make test" looks
like this:

All tests passed

real    0m27.034s
user    0m7.172s
sys     0m7.604s

That's ok because the dotwait has a "sleep 1", and 7 seconds for the
other tests sounds reasonable.

There is one option that causes the tests to take a lot more time, which
is "make clean && make all && USE_COVERAGE=yes make test", but that may
be due to running in VirtualBox.  Since I added the USE_COVERAGE
variable only in usr.bin/make/Makefile, I doubt that the standard test
build defines this build option.

Is there another good explanation why these tests may take so long?


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