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Re: Make __CTASSERT1 true static assert

On 19.09.2019 17:51, Robert Elz wrote:
> I think the actual change is fine ... just 2 caveats.
> First, the comment in the patch will be meaningless after the patch
> is applied - that comment belongs being the cvs commit message for
> the log, not part of the resulting file (which could have a comment
> explaining what is happening - but not one that says why the old way,
> which no longer exists, isn't correct).

I will skip the comment in the code.

> Second - please attempt to batch up changes to sys/cdefs.h ... this one
> is not urgent.   You should fix it locally, use the fixed version to
> find uses which are incorrect, and fix (change to some other assert, or
> simply remove) the broken ones, and commit those fixes - but wait until
> there is some other need to commit the change to cdefs.h (or when someone
> else has just committed a change there) - every time that file changes
> everyone's update builds tunr into (effectively) full builds, as just
> about every .c file we have depends upon cdefs. (it is even worse than
> changes to sys/param.h from this POV).

I'm waiting for riastradh@ to fix the reports in DRMKMS and

There are no other ones (at least in my build configuration).

> kre

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