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Re: Make __CTASSERT1 true static assert

I think the actual change is fine ... just 2 caveats.

First, the comment in the patch will be meaningless after the patch
is applied - that comment belongs being the cvs commit message for
the log, not part of the resulting file (which could have a comment
explaining what is happening - but not one that says why the old way,
which no longer exists, isn't correct).

Second - please attempt to batch up changes to sys/cdefs.h ... this one
is not urgent.   You should fix it locally, use the fixed version to
find uses which are incorrect, and fix (change to some other assert, or
simply remove) the broken ones, and commit those fixes - but wait until
there is some other need to commit the change to cdefs.h (or when someone
else has just committed a change there) - every time that file changes
everyone's update builds tunr into (effectively) full builds, as just
about every .c file we have depends upon cdefs. (it is even worse than
changes to sys/param.h from this POV).


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