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Aprilis LLDB/NetBSD


I've dropped few paragraphs on the NetBSD status:

I'm going to focus on the following tasks till Easter holidays
 * watchpoints support,
 * floating point registers support,
 * enhance core(5) and make it work for multiple threads
 * introduce PT_SETSTEP and PT_CLEARSTEP in ptrace(2)
 * research F_GETPATH in fcntl(2)

On the second half of this month I will move on to:
 * support threads in the NetBSD Process Plugin

Upstream LLVM+Clang+LLDB version r. 299109 (no local patches) verification*:

Test Result Summary
Test Methods:       1247
Reruns:                0
Success:             622
Expected Failure:     23
Failure:              79
Error:                97
Exceptional Exit:      0
Unexpected Success:    1
Skip:                424
Timeout:               1
Expected Timeout:      0

* I'm still using pkgsrc-wip and it might affect the score compared to
clean out of pkgsrc build.

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