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I'm looking at:

.if !defined(HOSTPROG) && !defined(HOSTLIB)
.  if ${DESTDIR} != ""
CPPFLAGS+=      --sysroot=${DESTDIR}
LDFLAGS+=       --sysroot=${DESTDIR}
.  else
CPPFLAGS+=      --sysroot=/
LDFLAGS+=       --sysroot=/
.  endif


While the intent intent seems to be to only add --sysroot when cross
compiling (i.e., not when building a native tool or library), I'm
finding that, instead, --sysroot is always added, only to have
tools/ strip it off with:

HOST_CPPFLAGS:= ${HOST_CPPFLAGS:N-Wp,-iremap,*:N--sysroot=*}



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