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Re: install/48303: Linux cross build fails on ppc

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Justin Cormack  <> wrote:

Heh, glibc talking about standards. man strerror_r. Please explain
how one can compile a program that uses additional features not in
the POSIX standard (meaning it requires _GNU_SOURCE) -- common
features in all Unixes, but at the same time does not want to
violate the standard so it can compile on other systems avoiding
ifdefs/autoconf tests (wants strerror_r to return int).

The glibc standard is whatever is convenient for glibc. I am not saying
this is not true for other software, but...

The problem here is that we are trying to mix two sets of headers,
one that assumes that __unused is an attribute that is optional,
and the other that assumes that it is an identifier and is mandatory.

The easiest fix is to follow what was suggested in the thread.
Something that glib is already doing:

Using inconvenient long unique names like __malloc_attribute__.

And apply it in the __unused case, but that would make glibc more
consistent, and improve coexistance with other operating systems
outside the glibc ecosystem so it is not going to be done.

This happens when you become a monopoly: you turn into a bully.


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