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Re: should we ship linkable gmp/mpfr/mpc or hide them?

> I'd be much more interested in making a layer on top of
> (public-domain) libtommath which could do both gmp and openssl-style
> bignums.  I have started on this, but could do with some help.
> Anyone interested?

I'm interested in anything that would let me get rid of libgmp, the one
piece of non-public-domain code moussh really depends on aside from
libc.  (It also uses libz, libXau, and libcrypt, but it is easy to
build without them and only slightly impaired when so built.)

I was not previously aware of libtommath.  I'll be looking into it.
The lack of CPU-specific assembly code is a _huge_ advantage to me; I
have some sparc64 machines I haven't integrated into my house system
because the libgmp version I have doesn't work on sparc64 and newer
versions have looked like more headache than they're work - especially
since I could use the failure as a goad to get me to replace libgmp.

Now it looks as though the hard work has been done for me. :)

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