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Re: should we ship linkable gmp/mpfr/mpc or hide them?

On Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 06:44:44AM +1000, matthew green wrote:
 > i'm trying to decide if we should ship gmp/mpfr/mpc as something
 > private to gcc4.5 or first-class part of the base system.

My inclination is to expose gmp but not the others. This is supported
by the following:

   - gmp is used by 49 packages in pkgsrc
   - mpfr is used by 7, of which 5/7 are gcc packages
   - mpc (mpcomplex) is used by 3, of which 3/3 are gcc packages

gmp is therefore the only one with any substantial payoff;
furthermore, it's used by kdeutils[34] so will be comparatively widely

 >      - if pkgsrc has never versions, we have potential weird
 >        issues at link or run time for binaries

This should not be any more of a problem than it is for other builtin
packages with libraries.

also, gmp doesn't rev very often.

David A. Holland

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