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Re: [PATCH] Fix NetBSD native bootstrap

On Thu, 9 Dec 2010, Arnaud Lacombe wrote:

> This definitively introduced regressions, I guess I'll split the
> original patch, one addressing the bootstrap issue and one eventually
> using more system provided header. What would be the better way to
> proceed ? keep using gcc's headers or fixing the system one, by either
> fixing that upstream or through fixincludes ?

Using GCC's own headers is definitely the safer approach as they will be 
updated as needed for new language features supported by GCC.  (My 
comments about USER_H in one of the PRs you referenced were to the effect 
that *if* you use the system headers in place of GCC's *then* USER_H is 
the way to do so - but making GCC's headers work for your target is still 
generally the safer approach that won't involve ongoing cost every time 
GCC's headers are updated, such as float.h was for C1X.)

Joseph S. Myers

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