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Re: [PATCH] Fix NetBSD native bootstrap

On Wed, 8 Dec 2010, Arnaud Lacombe wrote:

> For this patch I implemented Joseph S. Myers suggestion to define USER_H in
> config/t-netbsd. This may be cleaner than the last patch in PR/38182 which
> affect all target. In the mean time, I removed other headers the base system 
> is
> providing. stdarg.h is still needed because the host stdarg.h still reference
> the old __builtin_stdarg_start(). stdfix.h is missing from the base system, 
> so I
> kept it in the include list.
> Bootstrapped on i386-unknown-netbsdelf5.99.25, regression tests pending.

You'll want to check those results carefully for any conformance test 
(gcc.dg/c[91]*) failures indicating header problems.  In particular, the 
testsuite verifies that C1X definitions are present in <float.h>; if they 
aren't present on NetBSD you'll want to keep GCC's <float.h> or fix 
NetBSD's with fixincludes.

If you always wish to use NetBSD's <stdint.h>, then the default 
use_gcc_stdint=none in config.gcc will work but you'll need to add 
configuration information to the compiler to tell it about the <stdint.h> 
types for all the c99-stdint-*.c tests to pass (this is needed for the 
Fortran C bindings, in particular); see 
<> and PR 448.  This is 
best done as a separate patch.

Joseph S. Myers

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