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Re: __read_mostly and __mp_friendly annotations

The only thing I'm not sure about, is if it's safe to use an alignment of 64 on
powerpc.  The issue is mostly that the powerpc cpus vary wildly in cacheline
sizes, and whinyness about alignment.  I suspect it's not a big deal, as the
kernel isn't generally as picky as the bootloader is about alignment issues. 
IIRC I might have used 64 as the alignment on the bootloader too though, so it
might be just fine and my memory failing.

On 02-Jun-2010 Matt Fleming wrote:
> Can the port maintainrs for alpha, hp700, macppc, powerpc and vax please
> explicitly NAK these patches if they don't want me to commit them? Also,
> I just used 64-bytes as the size of an architecture's COHERENCY_UNIT. If
> any of the port masters have better values please shout.

Tim Rightnour <>
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