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Re: __read_mostly and __mp_friendly annotations

On Thu, 03 Jun 2010 07:52:20 -0700 (MST), Tim Rightnour 
<> wrote:
> The only thing I'm not sure about, is if it's safe to use an alignment of 64 
> on
> powerpc.  The issue is mostly that the powerpc cpus vary wildly in cacheline
> sizes, and whinyness about alignment.  I suspect it's not a big deal, as the
> kernel isn't generally as picky as the bootloader is about alignment issues. 
> IIRC I might have used 64 as the alignment on the bootloader too though, so it
> might be just fine and my memory failing.

Is there anyway to check whether this is a real issue or not? Do any
data items really need an alignment > 64 bytes?

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