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Re: Using for cross builds

On Mon, 15 Feb 2010, Bob Lee wrote:
>  In our environment, the desire is to build the tools once, keep them
>  on a read only mounted file system.  Tools only updated when needed
>  for everyone.  I believe at one time I read that there was a flag to
>  inhibit (re)building tools.

Wow, a read-only TOOLDIR!  I haven't heard of anybody else trying that,
and it's outside the intended scope of, but I expect that it
would not be too difficult to make it work.  I don't have time to work
on it now, but if you can make it work and submit patches, then I am
sure there would be some interest in getting them committed.

>       Using cvs to pull netbsd-5, 5.0_STABLE in other words.  The
>  timestamp on doc/CHANGES-5.1 is February 3.  For my information, is
>  there a better way to identify the snapshot of the source tree?

The branch name, and the time of the checkout, are usually sufficient
to identify a source tree.  If you don't know the exact time, or
didn't pass an explicit "-D" flag to the cvs update command, then an
approximate time is fine, and the time from the CHANGES-5.1 file is a
pretty good choice for the netbd-5 branch.

>       As an aside, is there a place where the NetBSD release
>  engineering process is described?  I need to explain this to
>  management, where schedules, road maps, and power point rule.

There's lots of documentation scattered around, and maybe somebody else
can refer you to a good summary.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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