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RE: Using for cross builds

> Alan Barrett responded
> Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2010 12:36 AM
> On Sat, 13 Feb 2010, Bob Lee wrote:
>> My problem is always rebuilds tools, even when I specify
>> '-u'.  Sorry I wasn't clearer.

> You haven't provided much information to help debug this.

        Sorry, I thought there was a straight forward answer to this.
 In our environment, the desire is to build the tools once, keep them
 on a read only mounted file system.  Tools only updated when needed
 for everyone.  I believe at one time I read that there was a flag to
 inhibit (re)building tools.

> Do all the tools get rebuilt, or just nbmake and the make wrapper, or
> something in between?  (It's expected that the make wraper will be
> rebuilt; it used to be a common problem that nbmake would be rebuilt
> but I thought that was fixed in -current several months ago; I don't
> remember any other reports of all the tools being rebuilt.)

> What version of NetBSD are you building?  Do you explicitly pass "-T
> ${TOOLDIR}" to  Do you use the same TOOLDIR for all three
> targets?  If you don't explicitly specify a TOOLDIR, then what TOOLDIR
> does think will be used, and what TOOLDIR do the Makefiles
> actually use?

        Using cvs to pull netbsd-5, 5.0_STABLE in other words.  The timestamp
 on doc/CHANGES-5.1 is February 3.  For my information, is there a better
 way to identify the snapshot of the source tree?
        I have tried both explicitly specifying TOOLDIR (-T ${TOOLDIR}), and
 indirectly as an environment variable -- based on some search and read

> It might be useful if you post the first few lines of output from a
> representative run of, up to the point where it's obvious that
> the tools are being rebuilt unnecessarily.

        I've attached the output up to a failure to write host-mkdep out to
 TOOLDIR/bin.  I may also have artifacts of half completed operations as
        Please, let me know if this is not within the intended scope
 of  Or, I can modify the Makefile -- which I'm trying to avoid.
 That said, thanks for the help so far.
        As an aside, is there a place where the NetBSD release engineering
 process is described?  I need to explain this to management, where
 schedules, road maps, and power point rule.

> --apb (Alan Barrett)

Thanks again,
- bob

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