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Re: Using for cross builds

On Sat, 13 Feb 2010, Bob Lee wrote:
> My problem is always rebuilds tools, even when I specify
> '-u'.  Sorry I wasn't clearer.

You haven't provided much information to help debug this.

Do all the tools get rebuilt, or just nbmake and the make wrapper, or
something in between?  (It's expected that the make wraper will be
rebuilt; it used to be a common problem that nbmake would be rebuilt
but I thought that was fixed in -current several months ago; I don't
remember any other reports of all the tools being rebuilt.)

What version of NetBSD are you building?  Do you explicitly pass "-T
${TOOLDIR}" to  Do you use the same TOOLDIR for all three
targets?  If you don't explicitly specify a TOOLDIR, then what TOOLDIR
does think will be used, and what TOOLDIR do the Makefiles
actually use?

It might be useful if you post the first few lines of output from a
representative run of, up to the point where it's obvious that
the tools are being rebuilt unnecessarily.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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