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Re: files missing from some syspkgs packages

On Tue, 19 May 2009, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
> This problem only affects files in syspkgs packages called X-Y-Z
> where the file is not in set X.tgz.  It seems to affect all files in
> this category, but I haven't checked that. So, I'm also guessing that
> whatever looks for files expects the files for package X-Y-Z to be
> listed in SRC/distrib/sets/lists/X/*.

Yes.  The first part of the syspkg name is required to be identical
to the set name.  If there are entries in the lists that violate
this requirement, then I am not surprised that they don't work.  The
problem can be fixed by moving the file to either a different set, or a
different syspkg.

The only files that I can find with this problem (in -current) are:

etc/release in base.tgz, but etc-sys-etc; should probably move to
        etc.tgz set.
usr/lib/libsparc/*.so in comp.tgz but base-sys-shlib; should move to

/usr/bin/ld and /usr/share/mk/* do not have this particular problem, as
far as I can tell.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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