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files missing from some syspkgs packages

I've found that files in base.tgz that have been assigned to comp-* syspkgs don't get put into those packages. The two main examples are that bin/ld is missing from comp-util-bin and all usr/share/mk/*.mk are missing from comp-util-share. etc/release suffers from a similar problem.

I can't see any obvious PRs for this, so I'm assuming it hasn't been fixed in -current?

I'm not sure what the fix is.

I would be inclined to move usr/share/mk/*.mk into comp.tgz and resolve that issue that way. Removing bin/ld from the base install is something I'm much less inclined to do. Maybe move it to base-sysutil- root which is where modload is because modload might be the only thing keeping bin/ld in base.tgz.

I'll PR this if necessary.


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