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Re: Portable type definitions for tools

> Let me try to rephrase a question that I've asked before.
> Which host platforms (a) are currently unable to cross-build NetBSD, and
> (b) were previously able to cross-build NetBSD?  What specific problems
> do platforms in the intersection of (a && b) encounter?

While this doesn't answer your question, I'll summarize my experience
in crossbuilding NetBSD and the problems therein.

When I hit cross-compiling breakage, it's almost always in something
related to tools/compat or tools/; for example, the most recent
breakage I encountered was the __RCSID stuff in lib/libc/db/btree.
Since they hadn't explicitly done the HAVE_NBTOOL_CONFIG_H dance
before, they'd worked because they didn't define anything terribly
exotic. __RCSID (or its cousin, __arraycount) are not typically
found in non-BSDish systems.

A much smaller percentage of lossage comes from updates to locally-
built hosttools; a recent example of this would be the texinfo update
that broke xcompilation because of gettext() and other noisome things.

There's also the occasional "the build requires some particular
feature that's {present, not broken} in NetBSD's version of 
{sh, awk, sed}" problem, but I don't see those too often.

I haven't tried anyting with case-insensitive filesystems for several
years, so I have no idea about that.

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