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Re: m68k softfloat builds

>> We have many choices:
>> 1. always put the softfloat glue in libgcc; pros: no magic library selection,
>>    easier build process. cons: some size overhead in libgcc [I don't think it
>>    is much].

Do you mean you don't use softfloat functions in libc at all?

> OTOH, SuperH softfloat vs. hw float makes ABI difference (fp args
> passed in general purpose registers vs. fp registers), so you cannot
> get away with just supplying the softfloat glue and keep both sw/hw fp
> happy at the same time - you need two different userlands.  Something
> we need to solve too (unfortunately I didn't have time to do
> kernel-side FPU support for sh4 in time for NetBSD 5.0).
> Since there are platforms (at least sh3) where softfloat changes ABI,
> we need to solve this problem for generic case anyway.

So does MIPS.


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