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m68k softfloat builds

A while ago, I ran into a problem trying to build a m68k system
with -msoft-float.  A reply about the failure is here:

Any thoughts about whether or not this is the best way to procede?

I suppose that turning on something like the multilib support in gcc
is another way of doing this -- at least that is my understanding
of it.

I think this is a larger relevance than just the existing m68k ports
too.  The Freescale Coldfire chips (the 54xx and 54xxx) have an
MMU but none have a floating point unit.  The gcc 4.3 compiler
has support for the coldfire instruction sets (there are slight
differences between them all).  I've fooled around a bit with
trying to get gcc 4.3 to build as a cross compiler for netbsd-current,
but haven't had any success yet.

If anybody wants to get netbsd running on the coldfire (I certainly
do), I think that this whole issue of no-fpu 68k-ish systems will
need to be addressed.

Thanks for any input.


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