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Re: $fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities warning from /etc/daily

  These days (and perhaps this is where a purported doc problem might be
  surfacing), it is generally recommended to use etcupdate(8) after
  unpacking sets, to merge changes to /etc.  This would have gotten you
  the new defaults.

Good advice in the general case, but the issue is this commit in

revision 1.18
date: 2012-07-30 13:09:34 -0400;  author: christos;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2;
PR/46757: Edgar Fuß: Change default to pkg_vulnerabilities from NO to unset,
and make unset insted of NO to produce warnings, so that setting it to NO does
produce warnings (if it is inappropriate for the machine to warn about this).

I'd say this is a bug; there should be a (quiet) default in almost all
cases, and only in the most extreme situations should we bother a human.

So there is at best a real doc bug; the daily.conf man page was not
updated when a change to the defaults was made that intentionally nagged
the user.

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