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Re: $fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities warning from /etc/daily

On 6/12/13 8:59 AM, Erik E. Fair wrote:
New manual installation (unpacked the tgz files) of NetBSD/sparc64 6.1 for a
system upgrade. Every run of /etc/daily syslogs:

Jun 11 03:17:15 cesium root: /etc/daily: WARNING: $fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities is 
not set
properly - see daily.conf(5).

daily.conf(5) doesn't say what to set it to (not every variable is YES or NO).
security.conf(5), to which daily.conf(5) points, is similarly cryptic.

        Erik <>

These days (and perhaps this is where a purported doc problem might be surfacing), it is generally recommended to use etcupdate(8) after unpacking sets, to merge changes to /etc. This would have gotten you the new defaults.

Something like:

etcupdate -s /path/to/etc.tgz -s /path/to/xetc.tgz

...and follow the prompts.  etcupdate also invokes postinstall(8).


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