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Re: $fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities warning from /etc/daily

Erik E. Fair <> wrote:

> Jun 11 03:17:15 cesium root: /etc/daily: WARNING: $fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities 
> is not set
> properly - see daily.conf(5).
> daily.conf(5) doesn't say what to set it to (not every variable is
> YES or NO).

It does.

     The variables described below can be set to ``YES'' or ``NO'' in the
     /etc/daily.conf file.  Most default to ``YES'', but not all.  Check the
     /etc/defaults/daily.conf file if you are in doubt.  (Note that you should
     never edit /etc/defaults/daily.conf directly, as it is often replaced
     during system upgrades.)
     fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities  Refreshes the local database of package


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