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Re: update dist/bind in netbsd-3-1

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
AFAIK we typically don't remove anything before a cvs import is done into dist/. BTW what do you mean by 'bogus files' ?

Extra files that previously not there in the "NetBSD" source tree like the PDF documentation (src/dist/bind/doc/arm/Bv9ARM.pdf but not in netbsd-3).

Ahh, OK I thought you meant that. This file needs to be handled separately as it's a binary.

That I don't know.  Like I said I've used these scripts before to generate
patches and they have saved a lot of leg work for me.

Well maybe I should start all over and do it the bind2netbsd way. Just to clarify: Okay if I do the commits as I follow the steps (that say to commit)?

No, these are releng@ managed branches. A patch needs to be submitted for pullup and they handle it from there. The scripts are effectively written for someone wanting to update HEAD.

And when did you do cvs update for the steps?

What I did was run bind2netbsd on a stock 9.4.1-PL1 tarball then run it again on a 9.4.1-PL2 stock tarball. I then diff(1)'ed the two (with -N) and got a diff. I then applied the diff locally to my netbsd checkout and manually dealt with any conflicts.

I just tried this with netbsd-3 and it works well but for a few conflicts that are due to some back ported security fixes.

Can you double check the steps as outlined in the few scripts to add missing steps?


I'll have a closer look at your patches tonight.



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