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Re: Whither USE_CMAKE?

* On 2024-05-24 at 11:11 BST, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

FWIW these are the commits I'm currently testing:

I tried just the first patch initially and there was some fallout, which is good as it shows it was working. There is a bulk build currently running with both applied which is looking better, it will likely be posted to pkgsrc-bulk@ later tonight, and should be compared against this bulk build as its baseline:

Going through the results, there is some fallout, some of which are legitimate pkgsrc bugs that the patch set has exposed:

Issues locating libarchive/libmysqlclient respectively, feels like something is stopping them looking inside BUILDLINK_DIR.

 +print/poppler-includes                    13

  Missing tiff bl3, previously found it via DEPENDS.

 +archivers/lxqt-archiver                    1
 +graphics/lximage-qt                        1
 +graphics/screengrab                        1
 +x11/kde-runtime4                           5
 +x11/kde-workspace4                         5
 +x11/liblxqt                               15
 +x11/qtxdg-tools                            2

These are all similar, something is ending up rewriting link libraries as targets, likely using some shared qt cmake thing.

I'll look into fixing these, but if you have any objections to the proposed patches then now is a good time to speak up.

Jonathan Perkin   -   -
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