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Hi all,

Responding to an user request, I've together with tnn and a litle touch from
wiz packaged 'ncspot' for NetBSD. kamil has together with rvp further patched
it allowing proper Unicode character display.

In all, we now have TUI support for Spotify on NetBSD.

As a follow-up to this, I'm planning to add GUI support also but, I'm stuck in
the process.

To be able to add a GUI client to pkgsrc we need a stand alone package for
I've done some initial work on it and pushed it to wip today but, I'm having
some issues building the package.

'librespot' compiles fine as a 'ncspot' crate but when attempting to package it
by itself, I'm getting a Rust "out of scope error" when compiling crate
I know what the error means but, don't really know how to fix it or, why it
doesn't happen while compiling 'ncspot'.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Although, I don't have a Spotify premium account myself, I believe a GUI Spotify
client would be a nice addition to pkgsrc.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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