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Re: macOS 11 POC

On Aug 23, 2020, at 4:40 AM, Sijmen Mulder <> wrote:
> macOS 11 (now in beta) no longer contains shared library files like
> libc.dylib, libcurses.dylib etc. Instead it ships a pregenerated
> linker cache. This means we can no longer check for built in libraries
> by going through the library directories as we do in
> mk/buildlink3/ Apple's documentation suggests using
> dlopen(), which works as usual and has all the old paths mapped.

Rather than testing what libraries _are installed in the OS_ you should be testing _what libraries can be linked against when building_. All of the tools have looked in SDKs for headers and library stubs for something like a decade and a half at this point, so just passing (say) -lz still works just fine and you don't have to care where exactly libz.tbd is.

Note too that a few years back the SDKs also switched to shipping "tbd" files instead of Mach-O stub libraries.

  -- Chris

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