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macOS 11 POC

Hi all,

macOS 11 (now in beta) no longer contains shared library files like
libc.dylib, libcurses.dylib etc. Instead it ships a pregenerated
linker cache. This means we can no longer check for built in libraries
by going through the library directories as we do in
mk/buildlink3/ Apple's documentation suggests using
dlopen(), which works as usual and has all the old paths mapped.

I've implemented a proof of concept solution by augmenting the
file-based check in with a call to a new tool 'dltest'
which attempts to dlopen() its arguments. The tool can be found at A patch is attached.

Obviously this is incomplete - dltest would need to be part of
pkgsrc somehow and it should probably only be invoked on macOS 11
and up. Perhaps there's a better way to test with dlopen() without
a helper tool.

Alternatively, we could have a static per-release list of built in
libraries per macOS version or extract a list from the library cache
but those approaches seem fragile to me.



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