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Re: news/pan and mk/tools/

On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 07:03:29PM +0100, Rhialto wrote:
> The problem with pre-generating some files and adding them to files/ is
> that it doesn't scale.
> Not only doesn't it solve other packages which have similar issues, it
> also doesn't solve the problem for the package itself. On every update,
> the maintainer (or other updater of the package) must *somehow*
> re-generate these files. And do this while generating these files has
> been carefully and thoroughly disabled. So it is a pain to do. And
> what's worse, the updater has to know that it has to be done and
> remember to do it. This is probably even a bigger problem, since it
> doesn't fit within the standard updating procedure.

Well - off topic, but as this came up: we have a very different scenario
in www/firefox that should use the same fix, but in this case the tool
is nodeJS.

I will try to make it work like this:

 - create a new makefile target to run a full build with a special wrapper
   being used as node binary. The wrapper just analyzes command line
   args enough to be able to log all output files, then execs the real
   node binary

 - create a new makefile target to tar up the generated files from the
   log created by the wrapper and store it into ./files/node-cache.tgz

 - then finally modify the normal build target environment so that it
   uses yet another node wrapper which only analyzes command line args,
   finds the requested output files and extracts them from 
   ./files/ndoe-cache.tgz, then exits.

This way basically none of the pkgs build system needs changing, it 
auto-scales, and the typical build is lots faster (as well as us being
able to keep supporting some architectures that have no chance to run
nodeJS natively right now).


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