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Re: discussion about making cups default for gtk[23]

My impression overall is that adding cups as a dependency for gtk3 (or
really anything) currently breaks things for people that are not using
cups.  But it also seems that gtk3 without cups support is less good
than with, for the subset of people using cups.  And while we don't need
to count the subsets, it is clear that the no-cups group and the cups
group are both sufficiently large to matter.

This makes me wonder how much of cups is needed for gtk3 to know how to
deal with cups.  Surely (I hope) there is no need to have a cups "lpr"
in /usr/pkg/bin, and probably not a bunch of other user-facing commands.
cups-base currently installs 806 files.

I am wondering if libcups, or also a few more libraries, are sufficient,
for gtk3 to be able to talk to the cups server (assuming one is running)
and obtain the beahvior the cups-using people want.

If this is true, and we split cups-libs off from cups-base, and then fix
any programs which hang if there is no cups server (or one that is not
configured right), then it could be possible to let gtk3 depend on
cups-libs, so that system behavior is unchanged for the people that
don't want to install cups.

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