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Re: discussion about making cups default for gtk[23]

My $0.02 on the subject:

I do not use nor wish to use "CUPS" or any sub- or superset thereof.
I find it unnecessary at least and an impediment at best to my printing

I build all my packages from scratch and globally prohibit dependency
on cups by having:


in my "/etc/mk.conf" file.  So long as it remains an option which can
be disabled, I'm not too concerned what the default is.

There is at least one case, "lang/openjdk8", which claims cups (cups-base)
as a build dependency so at least the build host ends up with "cups-base"

This leads to an interesting corner case first reported here:

and more recently re-discovered here:

in which an installed, but inactive CUPS caused 'firefox' to hang when
trying to print.

At the very least, the option to not _use_ cups even though one must
install it should not cause catastrophic failure of applications.

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