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Re: discussion about making cups default for gtk[23]

One weirdness of CUPS is (maybe was; I haven't tried to build the
new/future branch yet), is that in order to print postscript files with
CUPS, you need to install ghostscript-gpl (and PKG_OPTIONS.ghostscript
+= cups). 

But both cups-filters and ghostscript-gpl install /usr/pkg/libexec/cups/
filter/gstopxl and .../gstoraster.

Even though these files aren't the same from both packages, it doesn't
seem to matter much which one is used in the end. One of the two
packages fails to install and I force the installation, so I end up with
the cups-filters version.

Trying to use ghostscript-gpl without PKG_OPTIONS.ghostscript 
+= cups doesn't work; it doesn't have a required raster ouput device or
something (I forgot the details).

Hopefully something can be done about this small buglet?

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