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Re: Enabling PKGSRC_MKPIE by default

John Nemeth <> writes:

>      On a sidenote, is PKGSRC_USE_SSP intended to be a user-settable
> or package-settable variable.  Packages like xenkernel* use it as
> if it is package-settable since there was likely nothing better at
> the time.

It is a user-settable variable.  The package-settable variable is
missing and hence packages abuse the user-settable variable.

I propose the following names for package-settable variables (to be set
to no if the given feature must be disabled for a package to build or
function correctly), following the precedent of MAKE_JOBS_SAFE:


Of course, packages where these are known to work or there's no reason
to think they don't work won't set the variable.

Any better suggestions for these names?  (I left out PKGSRC_ because
they will only appear in pkgsrc Makefiles.)

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