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Re: FTP and jail

On 11/02/2017 02:18 PM, D'Arcy Cain wrote:
Turns out I had a DNS issue which caused every package fetch to fail. However, there are still some packages - www/curl seems to be the most common - that have always failed in the chroot jail.

Could this be related? I also can't build rust. It fails on a rustc command with this.

# /usr/obj/lang/rust/work.x86_64/rust-1.20.0-x86_64-unknown-netbsd/cargo/bin/cargo build --manifest-path /usr/obj/lang/rust/work.x86_64/rustc-1.21.0-src/src/bootstrap/Cargo.toml --verbose --verbose
    Updating registry ``
error: failed to fetch ``

Caused by:
  [16/-17] the SSL certificate is invalid

But it works fine outside of chroot.

D'Arcy J.M. Cain <> IM:darcy%Vex.Net@localhost

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